From Nowhere to Nowhere Stockholm – Detroit: A Guide Book

From Nowhere to Nowhere Stockholm – Detroit:

Conceived as a circle, our route traverses the outskirts of Stockholm as we reflect upon the relationship between spatial forms social processes and justice. How does space, it`s conceptualization where resources are shared and interests compe as well as ofarbitary contingencies, what is, just, fair, equitable, right and how should this be  achieved?

 Dokumentation ur ”Vittnesmål”  Om Eu-migranter och brandeni Högdalen.
Platsspecifik audio-installation Brandplats Högdalen Stockholm maj 2015

Brandplats Högdalen P1040011

Brandplats Mejan Arc P1040001




_From Nowhere to Nowhere small  MG_7505

 Art & Architecture Kungl. Konsthögskolan 2015

©antonie grahamsdaughter



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