Native Moving Images



Curator Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter

Vernissage Saturday October 6th 2012  kl 12-16

Kordinator Yvonne Kostenius

Kent Monkman+ Chrise Bose + Kevin Lee Burton + Terill Calder + Nitanis Desjarlais + Steven Forster Antonie Frank + Carola Grahn + Anna Linder + Minda Martins + Gail Maurice+ Juse Norris + Travis Shilling +Liselotte Wajstedt

Native Moving Images showcases a range of video works and films that address, dismantle and satirize stereotypes of ‘the Indian’. In an extensive presentation of works by contemporary native artists from Canada, the United States and Sweden, the exhibition brings forward common myths, prejudices and romanticizations existing toward indigenous peoples. The works then challenge each and every preconception: Kent Monkman’s drag alter-ego Miss Chief Eagle Testickle re-examines histories of colonization, Chris Bose creates a trickster Jesus Coyote hotline, Anna Linder presents a collection of absolute fiction via ‘Sami’-esque dolls created for tourism and Juse Norris presents her own self-portrait walking up a descending escalator. The 18 films, videos and animations within the exhibition subvert stereotypes and present vibrant, critical insight via the artists’s personal experiences and creative practices. The dark humour that runs through the exhibition addresses the systematic cultural suppression and devalorization of the past while looking forward at the multiplicity of native identities and experiences in contemporary society.

 Seminar and Film Screening of Minda Martins Free Land 

Vem tror idag att Robin Hood vandrar omkring på Londons gator ?

kent Monkman

Kent Monkman Kanada, Carola Grahn Installation, Anna Linder Installation

Carola GRahn8 Anna LInder Stereotyper

Bild seminarium Johan Gurt
Bild Hubinett

Seminar with Tobias Hübinett, Johan Gurt mfl.








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